Wear-Resistant Toggle Plate

Machine Type: Crusher, Jaw Crusher
Usage: Mining, smelting, building
H.T: Water Toughening
Product Property: Durable and Stable
Advantage: Wear resistant

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2. Confirm Steel Material, Chemical Compositions, Mechanical Properties, Tolerances

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4. Check Material Chemical Compositions, Material Weight, Dimensions

5. Cut Materials, Record Weight, Pre-Heating For Forging

6. Forging Ratios, Heat Treatment After Forging, Dimension Check

7. Rough Machining, UT Test, Heat Treatment

8. Fine Machining, UT & PT Test, Dimensions Inspection, Mechanical Properties Test

9. Customer Inspection at Site, Packing, Delivery Arrangement

10. Balance Payment Confirmation, Dispatch Forgings or Castings

11. Bill of Loading Confirmation, MTC Dispatch, Customs Clearances

High Manganess Casting Material Chemical Composition
Code Elem. C Mn Si Cr Mo P S
ZGMn13-1 1.0-1.45 11.0-14.0 0.30-1.0 ≤0.09 ≤0.04
ZGMn13-2 0.90-1.35 11.0-14.0 0.30-1.0 ≤0.09 ≤0.04
ZGMn13-3 0.9-1.35 11.0-14.0 0.30-0.8 ≤0.09 ≤0.04
ZGMn13-4 0.9-1.30 11.0-14.0 0.30-0.8 1.50-2.0 ≤0.09 ≤0.04
ZGMn13-5 0.75-1.30 11.0-14.0 0.30-1.0 0.90-1.2 ≤0.09 ≤0.04

Features and Advantages of crusher wear liner plate for quarry

1. Materials: high chrome, medium chrome, high manganese and customised materials.

2. Use: wear parts for crushers in the quarry, mining, cement aggregate, recycling, shredding

and demolition fields. etc.

3. Certifications: ISO9001.

4. Production quality testing: hardness testing, metallographic structure, machinery performance

testing,ultrasonic inspection, high frequency infrared carbon and surface analysis etc.

5. Competitive products: good quality with reasonable price.

6. Strong wear resistance and long life span, can be used in harsh environment and serious abrasion.

7. Professional: our factory has over 10 years working experience in casting and forging process and


8. We can provide customized design according to our clients’ demands and also refine our products

by our clients’ feedback.


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